Tailor Made: A Case Study

The Purchaser

Semi retired couple looking to simplify their lifestyle. They came to SILK looking for a larger apartment with enough space to cater for when the kids come to visit that is close to amenities, whilst not having to live in a high rise.

A boutique development with just a small number of apartments was considered the best option, where they felt they would get the best sense of community.


We loved the idea of working direct with the architect to design our ideal apartment at Silk. Who would have thought that we could get this level of customisation!




The Tailor Made Process

The First Meeting

Purchaser meets with the architect to discuss their specific requirements. In reviewing the budget and final apartment requirements, it was identified that a different configuration to the ‘off the plan’ concept would need to be created.


The Second Meeting

After identifying the location and the view of the proposed apartment, the purchaser and the architect discussed and worked through the specific requirements for functionality and living. As the couple are semi-retired, the option to convert a bedroom into a study with a fold out bed was ideal. The option to custom design joinery and specify the couples actual use of storage and closets allowed for a spot for everything.  Although not fully detailed, the concept and initial thoughts were traded.


The Third Meeting

Once the architect had some time to review the requests and proposed use of spaces, a hand drawn sketch was provided, that showed the extra study area and possible joinery options as well as relocation of the master bedroom to be on a different side of the apartment. The architects and purchasers agreed on a size and cost for the apartment. The apartment was larger than the original one, as it needed the extra study space, but it was able to be pulled from another apartment and amalgamated into theirs.


The Fourth Meeting

The final full architectural plan was provided with the joinery details as discussed for a final refinement.  Costing for the changes and additions (gas fireplace, additional joinery, integrated fridge) were presented to the clients for review and discussion.


The Fifth Meeting

The final plan and amendments were added to the contract which was signed. 


Josh Toner