Reset Retirement by Successfully Resizing your Home


A new, mixed-use luxury development in Ascot will this weekend showcase its urban-living vision for the future and provide expert advice for ‘resizers’ – those looking to create an inner-city urban lifestyle they’ll love. 

Award-winning Loucas Zahos Architects Principal Architect, Con Zahos, says resizers are people transitioning to a lifestyle that’s in-between quarter-acre block suburban living and high-rise, high-density living.

“Today’s resizers can be empty-nesters or young, inner-city dwellers but they know what they want; well-designed apartments that don’t compromise on quality and style,” said Mr Zahos.

“We’re seeing a push for apartments that reflect the resizer’s own personality in vibrant areas near the CBD. We started our first bespoke, mixed-use complex in 2002 and it’s becoming a growing trend that will define our future city landscape,” he said.

Through a tailor-made approach, the architectural practice offers clients unparalleled input into the design of their own Silk apartment on Racecourse Road, including layout and finishes selection. Silk is more like a mid-rise European village development with a mix of retail, commercial and communal spaces along with vertical gardens and a connection to nature. There is also a stronger sense of community both within the complex and its location within the iconic street and its gourmet vendors.

Annette and her husband Peter, a couple from Hamilton are leaving behind their five-bedroom, three-bathroom family house and moving to Silk.

“Silk is different to traditional developments. Our boutique apartment is designed to suit our lifestyle, we’re not modifying our lifestyle to suit a new building. I think this is the key to successfully resizing our home,” said Annette.

“It’s the small things that make a big difference. For example, by having input from the beginning we’ve made inclusions around how we like to entertain, like an in-built kitchen with a BBQ on the deck. We’re happy to resize because our apartment will be less maintenance and gives us more time to do the things we enjoy,” she said.

Annette added: ”Lifestyle was a big drawcard. For example, the proximity to our family and friends, transport and parks. What we gain living at Silk is the convenience of cafes, restaurants and shops on our doorstep. We have always loved the area and regularly take River walks.”

Megan Giles, a Retirement Transition Consultant and registered Psychologist on the Sunshine Coast, says resizing is the best move over 55s can make because it’s great for well-being.

“Not everyone approaching retirement is actually planning to retire. In fact, 13 per cent of Australians aged over 45 say they never intend to retire in the traditional sense! But perhaps it’s time to reset. Think about resizing to love the way you live now and for the next 20-30 years,” said Megan.

“Most people retiring today are healthy, active and still want to make a difference in their local community. Resizing in an urban development like Silk enables you to feel a part of the community, encourages you to get out and about, enjoy wonderful spaces to entertain and relax, and reduce worries such as maintenance or security when travelling,” she said.

“By resizing, rather than down-sizing, people create a new quality of life that is fulfilling and meaningful to them.”

But are people ready to resize? Megan will host practical, action-focused resizing workshops this weekend at Silk’s Bespoke Days – an on-site public event with a pop-up design studio, ground-breaking ceremony and site tour.

Josh Toner