Bespoke Design on Offer


There comes a time in life when it becomes apparent that we no longer need the large, freestanding suburban family home we once occupied. There also comes a time when we want a contemporary inner-city apartment, but we’re not interested in high-rise, high-density living.

For those looking to resize their life to something in-between, Silk on Racecourse is an innovative Brisbane development allowing buyers to design their own luxury home. Unique to Ascot, there is nothing quite like the development in the area.

According to the principal architect behind the development, Con Zahos of Loucas Zahos Architects, resizers know what they want — a low-maintenance lifestyle in the area they live without compromising quality and style.

Mr Zahos created his first bespoke apartment complex in 2002 and has been developing the model ever since. With his latest, Silk on Racecourse, a complex of just 13 owner-occupier residences, buyers have the chance to work directly with the architects to design their perfect home.

Silk’s tailor-made model allows residents to have significant input into the design of their new home. The unique concept, combined with the development’s location, is what Mr Zahos believes is the key to its success, and what makes him so passionate about the project.

“I like doing projects in these locations, in mixed-use spaces with a connection to nature,” he said.

“It gives residents the choice of being able to retreat to their apartments and have privacy or easily venture out to grab a coffee or experience all that the leafy Racecourse Rd precinct has to offer.” The four-storey development consists of a ground floor retail level, office space on the first floor and two levels of apartments, but due care has been taken to ensure residents privacy, with separate lifts and lobbies for retail and residential.

With only a handful of apartments on offer, buyers can work with the awardwinning team to create a home that is uniquely their own.

“The Tailor Made service gives buyers the freedom to create their own spaces and select which finishes suit their own personal style and lifestyle,” Mr Zahos said.

Developed in conjunction with George Callianiotis of Geocal Constructions, Mr Zahos said the design has been popular with baby boomers looking to resize. “They are accustomed to a certain level of living,” Mr Zahos said. “Most astute purchasers know what they want. To live in a certain area, do what they like, in a space that they love. That’s why we’ve developed a model which allows our clients to be involved in the process and tailor the design to suit their specific needs.

“We work to determine what their lifestyle is and how we can accommodate the space to suit, rather than them modifying their lifestyle to suit the home, as is the case traditionally.”

One buyer was a long-time wine collector, so the team of architects integrated a glazed cellar door into his plan. An elderly mother and daughter duo who had been coexisting for several years requested their home be designed with separate living spaces to cater to their different lifestyles.

“We can do almost anything at the planning stage,” Mr Zahos said.

There has already been lots of interest in the development, with only seven of the 13 residences still available. Mr Zahos said that while construction is due to begin shortly, and changes can be made to plans if sold after construction commences, it is more affordable to plan before construction begins.

Mr Zahos believes it’s important for people to not have to sacrifice their style and comforts when resizing, and that we will see this continue as a trend moving forward.

“It’s just the beginning,” he said. “We’ve seen significant push for this from people who want high quality design, green spaces and urban-living within a vibrant community. When accommodating for the next generation of resizers and young inner-city dwellers, we’ll continue to design for their individual needs as a matter of practice.

“It’s important to us that the spaces we design, they can relate to and that our clients can create a lifestyle they’ll love.”

Josh Toner